Psychological Prosthetics™

Psychological Prosthetics™ uses corporate marketing strategies, self-help language and guerilla tactics to explore the ways people handle emotional baggage in ‘political times’. Created in collaboration with industrial and graphic designers, medical health professionals and the general public, the project investigates ways that culture supports, fuels and suppresses emotions for political ends. Exhibited as street interventions, gallery installations and a series of DVD projects.

In 2005, Psychological Prosthetics™ PP Valise was presented at Millais Gallery Southampton Institute, UK, and public intervention at London,Winchester, Southampton UK, Paris France, Basel, Switzerland, Tel Aviv, Israel, Berkeley CA. In 2007, it was exhibited at the Corporate Art Expo, the Lab, San Francisco, and Gallery 400, University of Illinois, Chicago, as well as public intervention in Chicago.

The video below is an account of PP Valise and Emotional Baggage. It was screened at Screened: the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, Finland, Santa Cruz International Film Festival, Galerija Nova in Zagreb, Croatia, Halle für Kunst Lüneburg, Germany Newbury Gallery, Glasgow School of Art, Scotland, WYSPA Art Institute Gdansk, Poland, Sesnon Gallery, UC Santa Cruz, CA, Yuma Arts Center, AZ, Subversive Messe, Linz (Austria) and the Ma’abada (The LAb) in Jerusalem, Israel, among others.
Funded by: UCIRA, the University of Chicago, UC Santa Cruz ARI, Feel Tank Chicago, the Contemporary Art Workshop Chicago IL, Linz Cultural Capital and Subversive Messe, Austria.